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Our Inspiration

Mr. and Mrs. Waldo and Rosalie Bertoni

The Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Foundation received a gift of $250,000.00 from the Waldo and Rosalie Bertoni estate in the summer of 2014.


The Foundation is humbled by the confidence and trust that Mr. and Mrs. Bertoni showed by bequeathing such a generous gift to the community to help preserve the historic Courthouse.


Upon moving back to their hometowns of Mt. Pulaski & Chestnut in 2005, the Bertonis immediately became active in community events, giving of their time and talents in helping make our community a better place.  One area of special interest was that of remembering and preserving our history for today and generations to come. 


THEIR GIFT INSPIRED the Courthouse Foundation Board to change their approach to how they had been maintaining and repairing the Courthouse.

Combining monies already contributed with their gift they made the decision to raise the remaining monies needed to do a complete remodel of the Courthouse in the future.


To Waldo, Rosalie and to the entire Bertoni family, the foundation board along with our entire community would like to say thank you.

Courthouse Cash Kids

Third grade teacher, Megan Jones states, "It's important for the students to get involved at a young age so they grow up appreciating history within their local community.  Providing opportunities for them to do this now will encourage them to give back and get involved as young adults.   The Courthouse is the centerpiece of this town and to see students take an active role in keeping it in working condition is inspiring!" 

      In March, 2013, the Third Grade Class of Mt. Pulaski Grade School started a campaign to ask people to donate $1.00 to help save the Courthouse in Mt. Pulaski. The children composed a letter for the newspaper, made signs to hang around town, and designed donation buckets. They voted on the slogan "Courthouse Cash". The money began rolling in! Because of the children a local corporation (The Andersons Inc. Charitable Foundation) donated $10,000 and another grant for $2,000 was given. So in the end the children generated over $25,000 for the Courthouse! The teachers supervising this project were Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Radtke.




The Andersons Inc. Charitable Foundation says, "The children of the Mt. Pulaski School inspired us to give.  Their hard work and dedication to this valuable resource in the community, spoke volumes to us about how important this restoration is to the Mt. Pulaski community.  Their leadership was recognized, and we wanted to reward their success with additional support."



"We feel we should generously share our time, talents and financial resources in pursuit of solutions to our social problems and in support of other worthwhile community endeavors.  We also encourage and stimulate others to do the same."  The Andersons Inc. Charitable Foundation

Christmas Tree Auction Kids

 In the fall of 2013, the Third Grade Class interviewed the local businesses, wrote reports, and designed an ornament to represent the business. The reports were compiled into a book, and the ornaments were put on a tree for the Christmas Tree Auction that the Courthouse was hosting. A tree skirt with everyone's handprint was placed under the tree. The beautiful tree was purchased for $610.00!  The teachers supervising this project were Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Radtke. 

Major Contributors

Mount Pulaski Historical Society

DPCM Insurance

Beck's Hybrids

Jacqueline Berry West

Davis and Sharon Merwin

Tomlinson Trust

Tom and Cheryl Martin

Dean and Doris Cates

Danner Trust

Old House Society-Tara Fisher Henry

Herrin Fertilizer

The Anderson's Inc. Charitable Foundation

The Mount Pulaski Third Grade Spring/Fall Classes of 2013

Waldo and Rosalie Bertoni

Hilltop Catering

The American Legion



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