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Abe's Million Dollar Fundraiser

Sustaining Abraham Lincoln's Legacy

The mission of our Abe's Million Dollar Campaign is to help generations to come experience the legacy of Abraham Lincoln by raising the funds needed to restore and preserve the Mount Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site. 

The Mount Pulaski Courthouse Foundation started a campaign, in January 2015 ,to raise funds to restore the Mount Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site! 

Over the past few years, the structural integrity of the Courthouse had been in critical condition.  This changed the Foundation's focus from simple maintenance tasks to a major renovation of the Courthouse.


In partnership with the Illinois state agencies, the Foundation has developed a plan that together will enable them to preserve the community's most valued asset for generations to come.

The first project started in the spring of 2016.  The Courthouse roof and structural repairs were done.  The project cost was around $173,000.  This included the replacement of the standing seam metal roof, evaluation of the roof truss system, and the stabilization of the trusses to prevent further damage to them.  The Courthouse is no longer in such a critical state and is able to remain open to the public.  By fixing the roof and the truss system, the rest of the problems in the Courthouse are being assessed and put in an order of importance.      


The Foundation's “Abe’s Million” campaign will be holding events and reaching out to people around the world and asking for their support of this uniquely important, historic national treasure. 


The community and its people have overwhelmingly supported the cause since the Foundation's inception in 2011.  They are asking you today, not only for your financial support, but for your time and talents in helping

with this campaign to “Save Our Courthouse”!



This picture below shows the measuring device that was used  to continually examine the condition of the roof structure.  The crack had continued to slowly increase and brought the Courthouse to a critical state thus making this a high priority project. In May, June, and July of 2016, Project 1 of the Courthouse Renovations were completed.  

See more photos on our facebook page

Click on the microphone below to hear

Tom Martin talking about the new

Abe's Million Dollar Fundraising Campaign.

 Viewpoint with Bill Gossett & Judy Busby

8:15 am to 9:00 am on WLCN 96.3 FM 

Was recorded live Decmber 31, 2014

Here is Matt Metcalf with CI Living, talking with Renee Martin, Julie Wubben and Tom Martin about the history of the Courthouse and the Abe's Million Campaign on Monday, March 9, 2015. 

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