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Take a step back in time to see what life was like on the 8th Judicial Circuit.


The 8th Judicial Circuit was organized in 1839 and included the counties of Christian, Dewitt, Livingston, Logan, Macon, McLean, Menard, Sangamon and Tazewell. It was a 400 to 500 mile round trip and took 10 to 12 weeks on a horse.  The terrain consisted of hard wood groves, rivers, streams, and tall prairie grass.  Traveling was much easier when the railroad came through in 1853.    

Court would take place in the Spring and the Fall, so many would travel around the circuit twice. 


Some of the lawyers on the circuit were

Stephen T. Logan, William Herndon, Ward Hill Lamon, Henry Whitney, John Todd Stuart, Stephen Douglas, Swett, Trumbull. 

The Circuit Judge was David Davis.

Abraham Lincoln rode the 8th Judicial Circuit from 1847-1853. 

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Second Floor

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